Institut für Informatik September 15-17, 2014
Prof. Dr. Stefan Brass Wittenberg, Germany



28th Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming (WLP 2014)

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Purpose of these pages is the organization of the 28th Workshop on Logic Programming 2014 in Wittenberg (Germany). The workshop will help to distribute scientific results among scientists. This website is intended only for researchers. It has no commercial purpose.

The workshop series is organized by the GLP ("Gesellschaft für Logische Programmierung e.V."), a subgroup of the Association for Logic Programming (ALP), see "

Part of the texts have been copied from the corresponding texts of previous workshops of this series. So there are many different authors involved.

There is no guarantee for the correctness and completeness of the information offered here, and it may be not up-to-date. If you notice a mistake, missing information, a copyright violation or another problem with this website, please contact me, and I will correct the problem. It will be not necessary to use an advocate to enforce your rights or reasonable requests for changes.


Stefan Brass (, May 06, 2014

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