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 A Visual Data Mining and Database Exploration System

Project Group

    Prof. Dr. Daniel A. Keim
    Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Kriegel
    Mihael Ankerst
    Juraj Porada

System Overview

The VisDB has been developed to support the exploration of large database. The VisDB system implements several visual data mining techniques, allowing an exploration of large databases (up-to about one million data values). The techniques supported by the system are

    Pixel-oriented Techniques (Spiral, Axes, and Grouping Techniques)
    Parallel Coordinates
    Stick Figures

More information about the system including example screen dumps can be found in the following description (Postscript, 2.5 MB). Publications related to the VisDB system and the visualization techniques implemented as part of the system can be found in the following list of publications.


    Binaries for HPUX 9.x/10.x (compressed tar file, 2 MB)
    Binaries for Linux (gzipped tar file, 1.5 MB)

Technical Requirements

The VisDB is implemented in C++/Motif and running on HP-UNIX workstations. The system is currently being ported to LINUX.

Contact Information

If you are interested in obtaining the VisDB System, please, contact Daniel A. Keim.
Last update:  12. 06. 1998